Why Should I Buy a ‘Luxury' Scarf?

Fashion is temporal and made for followers. Style is forever. It requires originality and expresses who YOU are.

A scarf can be turned in to anything you want it to be; it just depends how you wear it and what colour and design you choose.

Do I see a hand rolled edge on your scarf ( a MUST if it's silk)? Is your scarf polyester? (Answer: only permissible if it is vintage). Caught short by an invitation somewhere glamorous and you don’t have time to go home and change? Always carry a good quality scarf with you (it’s light, collapses in to NOTHING, and will fit into the smallest of handbags) … a scarf, like fine jewellery, has the ability to transform an outfit from ‘ordinary’ to ‘Jet Set’.  Tie it on your head if your hair is not cooperating, around your neck to protect your jugular from the probing eyes of fashionable strangers … or turn it in to a sexy little halter top for that date you swore you would not turn down when it presented itself.

Buy a scarf that is good quality, designed by an artist, because it will become a conversation piece that you will enjoy for a life time and people will beg you for in your last Will.

What Size / Shape Scarf Is Best?

Anyone can wear a 90 x 90cm standard square scarf – it’s all in how you tie it and there are many YouTube and Instagram tutorials on tying your scarf, over and above the standard headscarf and worn-around-the-neck looks. So explore and have fun with your scarf!

Long scarves are an easy bet if you want to just put it on and add colour to your outfit without having to think about tying it in any particular way. Long scarves have more fabric in them so will keep you a bit warmer in the winter and may be a better style choice for a taller person.

Shawls are a spectacular addition to your wardrobe; they collapse well in order to be worn around the neck, especially in winter and with an overcoat, they can tied at the neck and worn as a halter dress, or at the waste as a sarong over a swimsuit in the summer. The shawl also looks great thrown over a bed, chair or sofa.

Dashes, pocket squares and neckerchiefs look great worn jauntily at the neck, tied in to a hat or on your handbag. And, your dog can join you on your fashion journey if they wear a pocket square or Dash around their necks. Pocket squares add a splash of colour to any suit, for any one.

What Colour Should I Choose?

All of Ivana Nohel scarves are designed with a colour export and we employ the Bauhaus colour theory developed by Johannes Itten. In short, our skin tones have either a warm or cool hue so wearing complimentary colour near our face will either make a person look healthy and vibrant or, well… the opposite.

A scarf in the right hues, worn near the face, will cast light up in such a way that much less make up is required in order to look bright and vibrant. If you wear lip colour, pair that scarf with the right shade of lipstick and you are set to conquer the world!

For more information, or to book a consultation for colour analysis, please contact our colour expert and stylist annie@castanohel.com. If you are buying your scarf as a gift, do not hesitate to contact us for advice and we do offer exchanges on gifts. 

How Do I Wear My Scarf?

It depends on your personality. Are you cute, neat and mischievous? Then try wearing it in a big bow at your neck: tied like a man’s tie or as a halter top … in other words, be your own fashion designer with that fabulous silk square. Are you a classic? Wear it as a headscarf or tied neatly at your neck and with your string of pearls (any length). Are you a Diva? Wear it as a turban with a diamond broach, smack dab in the middle of your forehead. Are you a gypsy? Tie it in a triangle and wear it at your waist. If you are a sporty adventurer, let it keep you warm – silk is a soft thermal fabric that will turn an ordinary T-shirt or sweater in to a statement piece. And for the accident prone, why be dull? If you break or sprain your arm, wear it as a sling.

How Do I Care For My Scarf?

Specialist Dry Cleaning is advised. If you wash your scarf, do it in lukewarm water with a detergent formulated for hand washing silk. Rinse with cold water. Do not wring – instead, fold the scarf in half, place on a flat dry towel, fold the towel in half (encasing your scarf) and role altogether very tightly. The towel will absorb the water from your scarf. Hang over a hanger or a drying rail. NOTE: some of the dye will come out of your scarf while washing and the water will change the feel of the silk slightly. This cannot be avoided, so if you like your scarf to be as you purchased it, do not wash it.

Ironing Your Scarf

Iron on the silk setting (on the underside) and never over stains (the heat will make the stains permanent). If you are using steam, make sure the iron isn’t spluttering. If your scarf has a hand rolled edge, do not iron it flat, only iron to its border on the inside of your scarf. If your scarf is being dry cleaned, use a specialist dry cleaner and ask them not to over press the silk and not to press the seams flat.

Buying a Scarf as a Gift

All of our products arrive gift wrapped as standard. Email us with your requirements if you want a handwritten calligraphy message included in your box. Our invoices are electronic and go to you via email so will not be included in your gift box unless you advise us in advance.


Our scarves are produced in small quantities in family run, factories based around Lake Como, Italy. Our factories produce printed fabric and scarves for larger luxury brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Versace and D&G, and follow stringent rules safeguarding against pollution, misuse of labour and disposing of waste. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

And if you are concerned about packaging? Ivana is also a packaging designer. Our packaging is fabulous...it will make you smile. It is recyclable if you want to throw it away, however you might want to hold on to it because it’s likely to change soon and as it’s produced in small runs it will become collectible over time.

When Will My Order Arrive?

Once we have notified you that your order is ready for shipping, allow 2- 3 working days for your order to arrive if you live in the UK (shipped by Royal Mail ‘Special Delivery’).

For international orders, we ship by courier and your order should be with you within 5-10 working days. All orders will require a signature to be released to you. On international orders, Local taxes may be due to the courier before delivery.

For further information, please refer to our Shipping Policy.

Is my payment secure?

All transactions made on ivananohel.com are secure.