Duke of Westminster Pocket Square | Stevenson Bros Rocking Horses

Ivana Nohel

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The Duke of Westminster
The Duke of Westminster: a bon viveur and avid huntsman who gave extravagant parties. Disguised as a deliveryman, he once delivered an exquisite uncut emerald in a vegetable crate to Coco Chanel. This bold pocket square bears a Stevenson Brothers Rocking horse and is oversized for a fuller puff in one's pocket.
The scarf features rocking horses made by The Stevenson Brothers, arguably the best hand carved, bespoke rocking horse makers in the world. Based in Kent, Marc and his twin Tony have been creating exquisite rocking horses for the past 33 years.
45cm x45cm silk twill, hand rolled, made in Italy.  Scarves are packaged in a unique laser cut paper art, card envelope and tissue paper.
For more information visit The Stevenson Brothers  

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